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Cracked screens, dead batteries, broken charging ports, & more.

Cell phones and other wireless devices are an important part of everyday life. Here at iRepair Wireless, we do whatever it takes to make sure that your cell phone, iphone, table, computer, or other device is working at the top of its ability. If you live in the Roseville area and are experiencing problems with your device, we are your go-to place for high-quality repair!

Only Professionals on Our Team

Here at iRepair Wireless, we realize that your device is your lifeline to family and friends, and also gives you the tools necessary to complete jobs and keep your life organized.

Since your device is so important, we only allow the best technicians on our team. Each of our team members are highly-trained and experienced in fixing any kind of problem with any kind of device.

Since technology is constantly changing, we make sure that everyone on our team receives continuous training, giving them the right skills to recognize and fix any problems with a wireless device.

Fast Service!

Since you need your device every day, we provide speedy service! Most repairs can be completed in a mere 15-45 minutes, giving you the opportunity to get back to your routine without the inconvenience of trying to work and live without your device.

We keep replacement parts on hand, cutting down on the need to make orders and wait for the right equipment to ship.

90-Day Guarantee

At iRepair Wireless, we have complete confidence in our work and back-up all our services with a guarantee that you will be totally satisfied with the repair.

Since our guarantee is good for 90-days, you will have an opportunity to use your device for almost three months; if you discover any problems during that time, contact our offices and let us work with you to make your device even better! You can find out more about our warranty by visiting our Policy page.

We Fix Any Device

We are proud to provide the best tablet, computer, cellphone, and iphone repair in Roseville. Our team of experts is capable of handling a wide variety of problems on any type of device.

We are also able to handle repairs on any brand of device from Apple, Samsung, Nokia, LG, and HTC. Whether you own a broken flip-phone or an expensive ipad, we have the skills necessary to get your device working as good as new!

We provide a wide range of repairs including the following:

  • - Screen Replacement

  • - Glass Replacement

  • - Unlocking Devices

  • - Headphone Jack Replacement

  • - Damage from Water

  • - Cameras

  • - New Battery Installation

  • - Button Replacement

  • - Cracked Screen Repair

  • - Stuck Buttons

  • - Speaker Problems

  • - Charger Issues

  • - So Much More!!!

Contact Us Today!

Here at iRepair Wireless, we are passionate about serving our customers, and want to help you receive the best possible outcome from your iphone, cell-phone, or tablet repair.

We will start you out with a free diagnosis so that you can understand what the problem is and what it will take to resolve the issue. If you decide not to go forward with the repair, you owe us nothing for our complimentary diagnosis.

We also want to stay ahead of our competition, so we will price match our services against any other area repair shops. When you work with iRepair Wireless, you can rest assured that you will get the fastest and best services at the lowest prices.

Contact us today and find out how we can help you with high-quality device and iphone repair in Roseville!